about me

About me

I discovered photography at University, taking photos in black & white with my dad's film camera. Back then, I developed the films and printed my own photos, at the photo labor. Today, I am using a digital camera!

My mission is to put a spotlight on people who do not get the recognition they deserve. I also want to make the experience of time: taking the time to feel and contemplate a place has become luxury.  Landscapes and still life photography require time and attention.

Photography is similar to meditation : I do not think of anything but what happens here and now when I take photos. This is a focus on beauty which brings a lot of satisfaction and direct happiness.

I enjoy my home city, Paris, as a playground for stunning photography!


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Photoshoot session in studio, indoor or outdoor. It can be portraits of event participants, such as roller skating festivals!

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Cover your professional event with pictures for social media, advertizing and press release.

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Get professional pictures for social media. Pictures of your offline store, your coffee shop, restaurant, café and more.

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Get professional pictures of your restaurant dishes & coffee shop specialties.

Get inspired in my industry gallery!